Clos Mustardó Tinto

Wine Type:

Red Crianza


Garnacha, Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot. Grapes from our La Morera de Montsant and Porrera estates.

Tasting Notes 

Intense cherry-red colour in the glass.

Nose: Aroma evocative of mature fruit with oak, cocoa and balsamic notes.

Palate: Powerful entry; harmonious, mature tannins; long with creamy oak on the palate and a long,      smooth finish.

 Winemaker’s Notes

The grapes used to make Clos Mustardó Tinto are hand-picked into 45-pound boxes. The choicest clusters are selected in the vineyard for delivery direct to the winery, where the most perfect berries are selected on the sorting table.

The grapes are destalked and crushed, and the paste obtained is allowed to cool before being introduced into stainless steel vats to begin fermentation. Cooling jackets maintain a stable fermentation temperature of 26-28ºC inside the vats.

Fermentation and maceration lasts around 20-25 days. During this time, the processes known as punching down and pumping over are carried out on a daily basis. Punching down (“pigeage”) involves using a paddle to push down the semi-solid cap of skins and seeds which forms on the surface of the must. Pumping over (“remontage”) consists of drawing out must from the bottom of the vat and pumping it over the cap in order to soften it and keep it moist. Both processes increase extraction of colour and tannins from the skins of the grapes, while pumping over also homogenizes the liquid and the temperature inside the vat.

Once maceration is complete, the wine is clarified. The liquid obtained — the free-run, top-quality juice — is racked into a vat, while the paste is gently pressed to obtain the pressed juice.

To reduce the acidity of the wine, malolactic fermentation is then induced in stainless steel vats.

After that, the wine is racked into 300-litre oak barrels where it is aged for twelve months. The barrels are mostly French oak, with some American and Hungarian. At the end of the ageing period, the barrels are emptied and the definitive blend is created in a vat. The wine is then gently filtered and bottled, where it continues to age for a minimum of another twelve months.


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