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Clos Corriol Negre

Wine Type:

Red Semi Crianza.


Garnacha with a blend of Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot and Syrah . Grapes from our Mas del Mustardo estate in La Morera de Montsant.

Tasting Notes

In the glass, an intense dark cherry-red colour with dark purplish red at the rim.

Nose: Expressive fruity aromas with subtle toasted notes.

Palate: Warm, well-balanced and flavoursome; fairly long on the palate with a pleasing finish. 

Winemaker’s Notes

The grapes used to make Clos Corriol Tinto are hand-picked into 45-pound boxes. On the spot in the vineyard, we select the choicest clusters for direct delivery to the sorting table at the winery, where the fruit is carefully inspected and only the most pristine berries are selected.

The selected grapes are destalked and crushed. The resulting paste or must is allowed to cool and then introduced into stainless steel vats where the fermentation process begins. The process is controlled by means of cooling jackets which maintain a temperature of 26-28ºC.

Fermentation and maceration last about 15 days. During this time, the processes known as punching down and pumping over are carried out on a daily basis. Punching down (“pigeage”) involves using a paddle to push down the semi-solid cap of skins and seeds which forms on the surface of the must. Pumping over (“remontage”) consists of drawing out must from the bottom of the vat and pumping it over the cap in order to soften it and keep it moist. Both processes increase extraction of colour and tannins from the skins of the grapes, while pumping over also homogenizes the liquid and the temperature inside the vat.

Once the process is complete, the wine is racked and left to age. A substantial proportion (two-thirds) of the wine is racked into oak barrels for ageing, while the remaining wine is stored in vats. Finally, the barrel-aged wine is combined with the rest to create the final blend, which is then gently filtered and bottled.

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Llega la Enoastronomía, la propuesta que combina la observación de las estrellas y la degustación de vinos en uno de los lugares con mejor calidad del cielo nocturno de Catalunya: la Serra de Montsant.

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A Celler Joan Ametller volem compartir la nostra passió per la terra en un projecte turístic al voltant del món del vi. Coneix de primera mà l'elaboració dels nostres vins al Mas del Mustardo, situat en un entorn natural incomparable al municipi de la Morera de Montsant, a la DOQ Priorat.

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