The latest trends mean little to us at Celler Joan Ametller. Our aim is simply to produce good, honest, down-to-earth wines that retain their unique characteristics of soil, climate and grape, with the ability to convey the Priorat terroir.

We work with passion and respect for earth and landscape, in the clear knowledge that in doing so we are investing in our vines, our wines, our customers and ourselves.

We are wholeheartedly engaged in every aspect of wine and winemaking, from the vine to the bottle. We employ state-of-the-art technology in the making of high-quality wines which capture the essence of one of the world’s best terroirs. And we are proud to share the results of our efforts with our customers.

We steer clear of empty rhetoric, instead focusing our efforts on bringing you fine wines that are up there with the best. Our wines are sincere, unpretentious and accessible to all.

At Celler Joan Ametller, we endeavour to bring the wealth of the Priorat to your table.

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